Circularity in water management

Circularity addresses the reuse and recovery of water, chemicals and energy from different water sources such as wastewater. Innovations coupled with emerging technologies in for instance biotech, chemistry, nano-technology and membranes, open up decentralised and radically different ways of managing and using water. Water plays an important role in the economy, closely linked to sectors such as agriculture, industry, electricity, and health. Improving how water is used, reused, and retained is essential to the transition to a circular economy. Sessions on this topic will relate to findings, methods, and technologies for:

  • Water Quality and Climate Change: Reduction of consumptive and polluting human use of water, solutions and linked to climate change
  • Water and resource management: Consecutive use of water for different purposes
  • Value-added Product services in Circular Cities:  wastewater treatment, resource recovery, and water retention: water storage, water for energy generation
  • Technological solutions