Innovations for the Blue Planet


Welcome to the International Conference 2024: Innovations for the Blue Planet to be held from 23 to 25 April 2024 in Stockholm.

Water is a fundamental part of our planet, integral in its climate and weather conditions, and plays essential roles in society, human health and welfare, the functioning and health of ecosystems, and most of the Sustainable Development Goals. However, our progress on water-related goals and targets remains alarmingly off track, jeopardising the sustainable development agenda.

The BluePlanet2024 conference aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines and other relevant societal actors to jointly discuss and explore the latest findings on processes, methods, and technologies for innovative solutions in a Water-Wise World. The purpose will be to connect multidisciplinary groups to debate key open water science questions.

This will be a 3-day conference, with two days dedicated to keynote presentations, plenary, poster sessions, exhibition and panel discussion, and one day dedicated to field trips. The field trips will be to Stockholm locations showcasing the importance and key roles of water in our societies. For the latter, participants can choose between three alternatives: Sjöstadsverket Water Innovation Centre, Djurö Marine Field Station, and the Utö initiative. The first two conference days will address the four main topics, with half a day dedicated to each topic:

The conference is organized and sponsored by WaterCentre@KTH together with Blue Food – Centre for Future Seafood and the Royal Swedish Academy of Science (KVA) with support from the KTH Digitalisation platform.

We look forward to welcoming you to Stockholm in April 2024!

Call for abstract!

All abstracts must be submitted through the online platform. EXTENSION of the deadline for abstract submission: 15th February 2024.

Speakers and Panelists

Prof. Andrea Rinaldo

Stockholm Water Prize Laureate 2023, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Prof. Mark van Loosdrecht

Stockholm Water Prize Laureate 2018, Delft University of Technology

Prof. Amir Aghakouchak

University of California

Prof. Robin Teigland

Chalmers University of Technology

Prof. Giuliano Di Baldassarre

Uppsala University

Dr. Barry Antonio Costa-Pierce

Nord University

Dr. Max Troell

Beijer Institute and Stockholm Resilience Centre

Dr. Klas Sandström

The World Bank

Dr. Cong Cong

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Jelena Radjenovic

Catalan Institute for Water Research

Inger Melander

Expert Fishing & market at World Wildlife Fund

Dr. Anna Tengberg

Senior Advisor at Stockholm International Water Institute

Dr. Thomas Nilsson

Senior Research Officer Department for Environment, Formas

Jonas Bjärnstedt

Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Matilda Gennvi

Head of Corporate citizenship Sustainability & CR at Ericsson

Dr. Magnus Arnell

Program Director WAVE- Water for Vital Environments