Prof. Max Troell

Keynote speaker: Food-Sea-Climate Session

Max Troell is the program director of Sustainable Seafood Program at Beijer Institute and a senior researcher at Stockholm Resilience Centre. A system and marine ecologist working with sustainability issues related to the global food system. Broad global experience from a diversity of fisheries, aquaculture, coastal and marine ecosystems. Addressing sustainable food systems out from a broader social-ecological perspective – embracing environmental, nutrition, equity and poverty aspects. Research involves a transdisciplinary perspective on seafoods linkages to supporting natural systems and resources, biodiversity and resilience, having implication for conservation policies and production practices of today. Research has been conducted in many developing countries in e.g. Asia, South America and Africa, but also in developed countries. Research cutting across normal barriers into fields such as environmental management, policy, ecological economics, resource ecology, human health, social-ecological modelling, etc. been published in e.g. Nature, Science, PNAS, Global Environmental Change as well as food, sustainability, aquaculture and marine policy specific journals. Being a pioneer in contributing to global development of integrated aquaculture techniques and instrumental in FAOs work on the “Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture” (EAA). Advisor for a number of organisations and committees and has established strong links with a wide range of academic and non-academic organisations around the world. Recent work addresses climate change and implications for the global aquatic food portfolio and challenges from antibiotic resistance in aquatic food production systems. Been actively involved in initiatives where science work actively with industry to accomplish positive transformation of food system (EAT/Lancet) and global seafood (SEABOS).